USKTA Update #1

I'd just like to briefly update you on the status of the United States Knife & Tool Association before I head off to the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show tomorrow. We have over 600 persons who have signed up in the past 8 days to support the formation of USKTA. We have accountants and lawyers working on developing the foundation for this organization's corporate structure. We are putting together a mission statement that will clearly articulate our aims and our dedication to serve knife and tool owners' … Continued... Read More

USKTA Update #2

I'm back from Outdoor Retailer Summer Market where I took the opportunity to speak with many members of the knife industry about the nascent United States Knife & Tool Association . Virtually all the response I received was positive and much of it was very supportive. That was most encouraging. Among those I met with was Mike Jones of Gerber, the President of American Knife and Tool Institute, the industry's advocacy group. … Continued... Read More