Knife Rights’ LegalBlade™ app provides guidance at your fingertips to the knife laws of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and over 40 cities. Knowledge of the law is the first step in avoiding an unfortunate arrest, loss of your knife or other legal complications. 

The LegalBlade™ App is available for FREE in the App Store and on Google Play

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LegalBlade™ is an educational service of the 501(c)(3) Knife Rights Foundation. The LegalBlade™ Knife Law App 3.0 is generously sponsored by Blade HQ.

Knife Rights LegalBlade™ App Features:

  • Includes knife laws of all 50 states, District of Columbia, plus over 40 cities
  • Always current – all legal data maintained on server for instant law updates
  • Geolocation to make it easy to select present location or State/City via map or menu
  • Easy to understand, color-coded tables
  • Comprehensive information on the legality of Possession, Open Carry and Concealed Carry for all common knife types
  • Includes: length restrictions, age restrictions and other restrictions in the law
  • Results presented incorporate case law that affect how the law is actually enforced
  • Includes the text of the state law, plus applicable portions of court decisions that further define what is legal and what is not
  • What To Do If Arrested,” by Evan Nappen, noted knife law expert & attorney, provides clear, concise information to protect your rights if you are ever stopped for carrying a knife or arrested for a knife law violation
  • Annotated Federal Switchblade Act\
  • Dollar Bill Ruler” provides a quick way to measure approximate knife blade length
  • Information on Federal and State ivory bans
  • Information and links to help find local knife laws and ordinances not included in the app

All data is maintained on the server to ensure users always have the most current information that is available to Knife Rights. As more cities are added to the database, they automatically become available to the LegalBlade™ App.

“Knife Rights continues to aggressively rewrite knife law in America with 40 bills repealing knife bans enacted in 26 states since 2010 (as of Jan.2, 2023), but knife owners in many jurisdictions still need to be careful about what knives they possess and carry,” said Knife Rights Foundation Chairman Doug Ritter, who also leads the sister 501(c)(4) Knife Rights, Inc. advocacy organization. “Our LegalBlade App was an extraordinary innovation when first introduced in 2014 and this completely new interface makes it easy for people to access the knife laws wherever they might be or travel. We, and knife owners everywhere, thank Blade HQ for their generosity and sponsorship that empowered us to develop LegalBlade™ App 2.0 and allow us to offer the app to everyone, free of charge.”

Mark Christensen, CEO of Blade HQ, said, “Blade HQ was thrilled to work with Knife Rights Foundation on the development and sponsorship of this app. We regularly get calls from customers in certain areas of the country, with questions about what knives they can own and what knives they can carry in their pocket. Customers travelling across state lines have similar questions. Helping with the sponsorship and development of this app was an easy way for us to get this information out to knife owners across the country.”

The LegalBlade™ Knife Law App IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. Knife Rights Foundation cannot provide legal advice. You must not rely on the information provided by the LegalBlade™ Knife Law App as an alternative to legal advice from a competent attorney.

The LegalBlade™ App is available for FREE in the App Store and on Google play

Download on the App Store   Get it on Google Play