Senator Ihara Responds To Knife Rights

Senator Ihara emailed the following response to our concerns about SB 126: From: “Sen. Les Ihara, Jr.” To: Doug Ritter Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 01:23:12 -1000 Subject: RE: SB 126 Doug: I am opposed to SB 126 and would vote against it if I ever voted on it. Because the Hawaii constitution allows only legislators to introduce bills, my policy has been to introduce bills on behalf of my constituents whenever requested. … Continued... Read More

Hawaiian State Senator Introduces Pocket Knife Ban Bill

For those who claim that we are paranoid, I present Hawaii Senate Bill 126. It was introduced by Democratic Senator Les Ihara and would ban the manufacturing, transfer, sale, possession or transportation of folding knives “suitable for carrying in the pocket.” Click here to review the full bill as proposed. Being somewhat gracious, one might conclude that Senator Ihara is seriously misguided and the more widespread presumption by many in online forum posts is that he is an idiot. The reality is that he's just being a politician. Still, the fact remains that this is symptomatic of attacks on our knife rights of which we can expect to see more in coming years. You’re not paranoid if they really are trying to get you. Senator Ihara Responds to Knife Rights. Read the Senator's welcome response. View a great video with Ken Onion and Senator Ihara on the Pocket Knife Ban bill. Make sure to note the email shown in the video! (Video removed from news site, link removed) -->... Read More