Alaska Knife Rights Bill Passes House Unanimously – Senate Next

March 6, 2012: The Alaska House of Representatives has unanimously passed HB55 "Definitions of Gravity Knives and Switchblades," referred to by sponsor Rep. Mark Neuman as the "Knife Rights Bill." HB55 would clarify state law on the subject of assisted-opening and one-hand opening knives to ensure they are not considered gravity knives or switchblades, currently banned under Alaska statute. At Knife Rights' request, the bill was amended to include Knife Law Preemption which would make knife laws consistent across Alaska. HB55 is now in the Alaska Senate where it has been referred to the Judiciary Committee. If you live, work or travel in Alaska, please contact the Judiciary Committee members and ask them to vote in support of HB55. Click here to contact the Judiciary Committee members.... Read More

Important Knife Bill Becomes Law in Washington State

March 29, 2012: Washington Governor Chris Gregoire signed Knife Rights supported HB2347 into law this evening at a signing ceremony at the capitol. This important legislation makes Washington more friendly to knife owners and manufacturers by clarifying the definition of so-called "spring blade" knives (switchblades) so as to clearly make assisted-opening knives legal in the state. This clarification allows for sale, manufacture and possession of assisted-opening knives in Washington. HB2347 also makes it legal to manufacture switchblade knives in the state of Washington. In addition, it would expand the existing law enforcement exemption for possession of switchblades to members of the military and full-time first responders. While Knife Rights does not believe there should be any distinction between citizens and government employees when it comes to possessing life saving tools, we also understand political reality. We will be working with Washington state residents and officials to change this in the future when the political landscape is more favorable to such a rational move forward. Thanks to all of you who called and emailed throughout the process and helped to make this happen! We would like to recognize Mike Vellekamp, one of the owners of Fox Knives USA, who spearheaded the effort to get this bill passed. If it were not for his initiative and hard work, things would not be moving forward for knife owners and manufacturers in Washington state.... Read More