Why did you form Knife Rights?

We organized Knife Rights in December of 2006 as a result of an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal article (read the WSJ article in PDF format (1 MB download) or in standard web format as published in another paper). This article served as the catalyst that focused our attention on the threat. We recognized that those with an anti-knife agenda strategically planted the seeds for this article with a reporter they knew would likely end up writing it with the slant they were looking for. … Continued... Read More

I already pay to belong to the NRA. Why don’t they do this? Isn’t all this related to their battles against the anti-gun forces and in support of the Second Amendment? Isn’t this just another Second Amendment fight?

You are absolutely spot on in noting that there is a close relationship between the anti-gun advocates and the anti-knife advocates, they are one and the same. However, the NRA has its hands full with its own battles and it is specifically firearms oriented and until recently hasn’t seen the need to take on knife issues. That stance changed when we went up against Customs and the NRA became an integral part of the coalition that was formed to oppose Customs. … Continued... Read More