Knife Rights News Slice Vol.1 Number 4


BrownellsCorporate support for Knife Rights is tremendously important at this time, but we cannot depend solely on the knife industry for that support. We are reaching out to others who appreciate the second amendment issues involved, those who understand how important our rights are. I am very pleased to announce our first Cornerstone Corporate Charter Member from the firearms industry: Brownells the "world’s largest supplier of firearm accessories, gun parts and gunsmithing tools." We are honored to have a company with Brownells’ reputation join us in this important fight.

Pete Brownell, Brownells’ Executive Vice President, also joined Knife Rights personally as a Cornerstone Charter Member and reminds us, "In the firearms industry we have seen where silent objections to restrictions lead – directly to out and out banning. This is the slippery slope we are on right now with Americans’ knife rights. Living in the firearms industry we have a daily battle with the same issues just now creeping into the knife industry. We all have to fight together and we are proud to help out. I encourage all knife and gun owners to join us supporting Knife Rights."


We love to point to England and Europe as examples of where knife laws and societal attitudes have been taken to ridiculous extremes. Many seem to believe that it "can’t ever happen here." It’s not that it cannot happen; it already has in many cities. It just hasn’t gotten much attention. In many cities it is illegal to walk around with a knife in view, even a pocket knife clipped to you pocket. New York City is our poster child this week. An honest citizen saw his Spyderco ParaMilitary confiscated by a police officer as he was entering the subway. His crime? Having a "knife in plain view." (you can read about it on Blade Forums: The officer also pulled the old trick of flipping it open and claimed it was an illegal "gravity knife." Lucky for the gentleman he didn’t write him on that more serious offence. It’s sad to think he has to consider himself lucky at that. As too many have discovered, almost any pocket knife can be flipped open if you have the skill; a skill that some law enforcement officers seem to have well-practiced. In many cities, that means you are always susceptible to arrest, even if carrying an otherwise perfectly legal knife. That’s a scary thought.


If we wait to organize, it will be too late. You can’t develop political muscle overnight.  If you haven’t joined Knife Rights already, please do it now.  If you are a member, please get your friends to join.  If you want to keep your right to own and carry the knives you choose, you must fight. That’s exactly why we formed Knife Rights in the first place.  Join us now: