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Knife Rights at Blade Show West

If you are attending Blade Show West in Portland, OR, Sept. 11-13, please stop by the Knife Rights booth. We look forward to meeting you in person and we’ll have a limited amount of Knife Rights merchandise for sale, which supports this fight against Customs. We’ll also be happy to accept your membership renewal or contribution, or sign you up if you aren’t yet a member.

For more information go the Blade Show West site.

Doug Ritter Speaking on Knife Rights at GRPC

I have been invited to give a speech on Knife Rights at the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (Sept. 25-27 in St. Louis, MO), sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of SAF and CCRKBA, has been a staunch supporter of Knife Rights, particularly in this battle with Customs. Citizens Committee provided major financial support and email alerts to its 650,000 members and supporters nationwide.

My speech at GRPC is recognition that it is our Second Amendment too. Knife Rights bases its defense of our right to own and carry the knives of our choice on two principles, “Essential Rights,” enshrined in the Second Amendment, and “Essential Tools,” evidenced by the millions of Americans who use knives daily at home, work and recreation. Our success so far in this fight with Customs has been due in large part to the partnerships forged with Second Amendment focused groups like CCRKBA, SAF and the NRA.

Get for more information on GRPC (a fully sponsored free event, you only have to get yourself there).

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