Latest News on Customs Pocket Knife Grab

This completes just the first salvo in the battle ahead. Nobody here believes that CBP is going to give any credence to the comments submitted. We expect CBP to just blow them off in the same manner as they did with our request for an extension of the comment period. We’d love to be pleasantly surprised, we just can’t realistically expect it, given past history of arrogant behavior by this agency.

Please know that the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of comment letters you submitted as individual citizens are an important element of our defense and my thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to prepare and mail your letters and to contact your Senators and Representatives. Next week we’ll be making an appointment with CBP to review each letter submitted and get an accurate count.

We have every expectation that we’ll be calling upon you to once again write your elected representatives in coming weeks as we start on the legislative effort to derail this Customs juggernaut. Already some Congressional delegations are submitting letters and comments and making their feelings known to Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, and Acting Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Jayson P. Ahern.

I have also received some forwarded responses from a few Senators and Representatives that have clearly swallowed Customs’ official line that this only about a few imported assisted opening knives, hook, line and sinker. Of course, the fact that they think even that is acceptable tells us volumes about their regard for our rights and liberties. Some of these politicians will be able to be swayed with facts and constituent concern, some simply have their fingers in their ears and are trying to ignore reality or any rational response. We feel for those of you who must suffer that representation.

Anti-Stab Knife Introduced in England

In the U.K., where anti-knife hysteria has reached almost unbelievable proportions, the latest twist is the introduction of an “anti-stab” knife:

Read about the “anti-stab” knife here.

Anyone wondering where some would have us headed need only contemplate the U.K. This effort by CBP is but a preview of future assaults on knife owners in the U.S. We really aren’t paranoid, they really are after our knives.

Spread the Word!

Please, forward on this email to all your friends, email list servers, post it on forums and encourage everyone you know to get on board. Remember, regardless of where you are active online, a significant proportion of your fellow online participants and contacts use and carry a pocket knife. They will be impacted. They need to know. And, that’s the point. It’s not just a few knife enthusiasts.

You can also add a sig line or button to your email or forum signatures or a banner to your web site to help spread the word about Customs’ rulemaking.

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