ACTION ALERT: Please Email OH Speaker and Committee to Move Knife Rights Supported Bill!

In 2021 Knife Rights successfully lobbied to enact knife law reform in Ohio that eliminated a number vague knife laws and eliminated state knife bans. In 2022 we saw Knife Rights’ Signature Knife Law Preemption bill enacted, adding “knives” to the state’s firearms preemption statute, eliminating local bans.

Some anti-2A jurisdictions around the country have enacted onerous liability insurance and fee requirements for simply possessing a weapon in one’s home. Senators Theresa Gavarone and Terry Johnson are working to pass Knife Rights supported SB 58 that would add a prohibition on what is, essentially, a tax on a fundamental right, to the state’s preemption statute that includes knives.

SB 58 passed the Senate and is now in the House where it needs to move promptly to get it done this year. If you live or work in Ohio, please help us encourage House Speaker Jason Stephens and Insurance Committee Members to start hearings on this important bill. You can use Knife Rights’ Legislative Action Center to easily send an email today:


Knife Rights passed the nation’s first Knife Law Preemption bill in Arizona in 2010 and has since passed preemption bills in Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Knife Rights is America’s grassroots knife owners’ organization; leading the fight to Rewrite Knife Law in America™ and forging a Sharper Future for all Americans™. Knife Rights efforts have resulted in 44 bills passed repealing knife bans in 28 states and over 175 cities and towns since 2010.