Alabama Constitutional Carry Bill Repealing Knife Bans Signed!

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed Knife Rights supported HB 272, a bill enacting Constitutional Carry in the state. Restrictions on the carrying of a Bowie knife or a concealed knife in Alabama are repealed.

Knife Rights deeply appreciates sponsor Representative Shane Singer’s including these knife ban repeals in this bill. Congratulations to Rep. Stringer and his 36 co-sponsors for their success in getting this bill enacted.

NOTE: Constitutional Carry and repeal of these knife bans does not go into effect until January 1, 2023. Until that date, carrying of a Bowie knife or a concealed knife remains illegal in Alabama.

NOTE: Local jurisdictions may still restrict or ban knives. Knife Rights looks forward to working to enact its signature Knife Law Preemption going forward in Alabama. This would void those restrictions and bans and prevent any being put in place in the future. To find local knife restrictions go to: or download Knife Rights’ LegalBlade App.

Gov. Ivery said, “unlike states who are doing everything in their power to make it harder for law abiding citizens, Alabama is reaffirming our commitment to defending our Second Amendment rights.” Knife Rights sincerely appreciates Gov. Ivery signing this bill and his support for our rights.

Knife Rights supports Constitutional Carry and particularly bills such as this that rid the state of knife bans that we have long tried to repeal. We are pleased that HB 272 includes repeal of Alabama’s ban on concealed carry of a “bowie [sic] knife, or other knife or instrument of the like kind or description.”

The vague clause, “of the like kind or description,” had been broadly defined by Alabama courts to include, for example, a 6-inch kitchen knife. As such, concealed carry of any similar sized fixed blade could be held to be illegal. Vague laws such as this only serve to entrap innocent knife carriers with no intent to break the law.

Altogether, Knife Rights’ efforts have resulted in 36 bills enacted repealing knife bans in 25 states and over 150 cities and towns since 2010.