Amended VA Switchblade Concealed Carry Ban Repeal Passes Senate

Virginia HB 2298 that would remove switchblades from the list of weapons that cannot be carried concealed in the state has passed the Senate unanimously with the amended text that added “stiletto” (undefined) to the list of items that cannot be carried concealed.

This amendment is essentially superfluous because prior court decisions in Virginia have held that a stiletto and dagger are “of like kind” to a “dirk,” which has long been prohibited from concealed carry. As such, both have also already been prohibited from concealed carry.

The bill now moves back to the House for concurrence. The unamended version previously passed the House 66-32.

Our repeal last year of Virginia’s ban on switchblades (automatic) knives did not include repeal of the ban on concealed carry. This bill takes care of that.

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