Cornerstone Founding Members

It takes a good deal of money to start an organization such as Knife Rights, even when you are pinching pennies. I could not have done it without the support of these Cornerstone Founding Members. Even more astounding, they asked nothing in return except that I give it my best effort. 

This is a grass roots organization; by knife owners, for knife owners. For all the considerable generosity of these Cornerstone Founding Members, all they got is the same single membership and vote you do (except for Ethan, who for his generosity got roped into serving on the Board of Directors). All the more reason to recognize them for their efforts to launch an organization of knife owners because they understand how important this is and ponied up the bucks with no guarantees whatsoever.  Please take a moment and thank them for their generosity, stop by their web site (click below) and send them an email thank you.

Al Mar Knives – Gary Fadden
Columbia River Knife & Tool – Rod Bremer
Essential Gear – Robert Walker & Susan Martin
Ethan Becker
KA-BAR Knives – John Stitt
Lone Wolf Knives – Jim Wehrs
Ontario Knife Company – Nick Turbrvic, Jr.
Tops Knives – Mike Fuller
Wenger Swiss Army Knives
Brownells – Pete Brownell
Rowen Mfg. – Shon Rowen