Freedom’s Steel™ Damascus Pistol WIP

Freedom’s Steel Damascus Pistol
Re-Discovering the Lost Art of the Damascus Barrel

Crafted by Master Bladesmith & Master Gunsmith Steve Culver

Work in Progress Photos by Steve Culver

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The purchaser of Freedom’s Steel Damascus Pistol will receive a USB Drive with hundreds of Work in Progress photos, plus the studio photographs of the finished knife., plus videos, including vidoe of the test firing.
This is just a sampling of these facinating WIP photos.

Stacking Rods for Billet

Welding Billet

Drawing Out Billet

Twisting Rods

Welding Riband

Winding Riband

Riband Coil

Welding Barrel

Forging Barrel Tube

Turning Barrel

Milling Barrel Flats

Custom Designed and Crafted Tumbler Jig

Lock Mechanism

Historic George Washington Cherry Wood Stock Material

Milling Barrel Channel

Lock Inlet

Almost Built