Illinois FOID Card Repeal Bill Introduced

An Illinois bill to repeal the Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) Card Act, HB 150, has been introduced by Representative Joe Sosnowski. This is identical to HB 4067 that did not get a vote last year. Repeal would be a plus for those wishing to possess an automatic knife in Illinois.

As background, when we got the state’s total switchblade ban repealed in 2017, we had to compromise to require a FOID card in order to possess an automatic knife (as opposed to requiring a CCW, that some legislators preferred). At a cost of $10 (good for 10 years), it is a relatively minor, if annoying, hurdle. Unless you are a prohibited person with regards to firearms possession, you are eligible for a FOID Card. But, besides the irrationality of the requirement and the modest cost, there’s a more serious issue.

Last year there was a backlog of 60,000 applications for new cards or renewals. A month ago the Illinois State Police announced that the average wait time for a FOID card was 121 days, or 4 months! That obviously is a significant obstacle to anyone wanting to possess an automatic knife, if they don’t already have a FOID Card.

We will let you know when it is time to contact your legislators on this bill.

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