Kansas Knife Ban Bill Introduced

The enemies of freedom never sleep. While we are continuing to work on bills to repeal knife prohibitions in numerous states, unfortunately we also must keep an eye out for bad bills that would cause problems for knife owners. This week saw just such a bill filed in Kansas.

In 2013 our Kansas Comprehensive Knife Rights Act removed all knife prohibitions in Kansas statutes and enacted Knife Rights’ signature Knife Law Preemption. Now Rep. Vic Miller (D-58) has introduced a bill to reinstate some of the knife prohibitions we worked so hard to get repealed. HB 2442 is ostensibly a “bump stock” ban bill, but it sneakily also would reinstate “dagger, dirk, … dangerous knife, straight-edged razor, stiletto” as prohibited knives.

Our lobbyist and our friends on the ground in Kansas are keeping a very close eye on this bill and we will let you know if we need you to take action.