Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter Receives Carter-Knight Freedom Fund Award

Sandy Froman, former NRA President and a former Trustee of the NRACRDF, nominated Ritter for the award and spoke at the presentation, “Since 2009, Knife Rights has achieved 17 legislative victories including 13 pro-knife bills in 11 states. It is an incredible record for such a young organization.”

In accepting the award, Ritter said, “I am honored to be presented with this prestigious award which acknowledges both our development of the Second Front in Defense of the Second Amendment, as well as our extraordinary record of achievement in fighting for knife owners’ constitutional rights.”

Ritter directed that the $10,000 check that accompanied the award be made to the 501(c)(3) Knife Rights Foundation, which will “put the funds to work on a project that will directly benefit America’s knife owners and the continued defense of their civil rights.”

Established in 1989, the award is named for Harlon Carter, founding Director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, and George Knight, founder of the Civil Rights Defense Fund. It was created to honor those who demonstrate exemplary support for the constitutional and human Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The award is not an annual award and is only given when the fund’s board decides it is warranted.