“Knives” Stripped from Maryland Bill that would have Outlawed All Knives on College Campuses

March 4, 2016: On Friday in Maryland the “Weapon-Free Higher Education Zones” bill, HB 1002, was passed out of the House Appropriations Committee with a favorable recommendation, but with an amendment that stripped “Knives” from the bill. The original bill would have prohibited the carry or possession of ANY and ALL knives, as well as guns and deadly weapons, anywhere on the property of public institutions of higher education in Maryland. “Deadly weapons” was also removed from the bill, leaving only guns prohibited. The initial hearing on this bill was held the same time as Knife Rights’ Maryland Knife Law Preemption bill was heard in a separate committee.

Knife Rights would like to express our appreciation for the support provided by our good friends, Dan Blasberg, President of Maryland Shall Issue, and John Josselyn, Legislative VP of Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, and other local activists, in working with us to get knives removed from this still irrational, impractical and indefensible bill.

Click here to read the original “Weapon-Free Higher Education Zones” bill before the amendment stripped “knives” from the bill.