Membership, News Slice & Hinderer Giveaway Winners Drawn

Knife Rights 2011 BLADE Show Fundraising Knife

Congratulations to John Coghlin who won this Knife Rights 2011 BLADE Show Fundraising Knife, a custom XM-18 by Rick Hinderer with rosewood display box by Forrester Customs.

I’d like to thank everyone who purchased raffle tickets and/or who joined Knife Rights and were entered to win this incredible knife and display box. This was the most successful Blade Show fund raiser ever! Thanks especially to Rick for donating the knife and to Forrester for the box. Together we are helping to promote a Sharper Futureâ„¢ for all Americans.

2011 NRA Annual Meeting and BLADE Show Membership Giveaway

2011 News Slice Email Newsletter Signup Giveaway

  • Chris Reeve Sebenza with BLADE Show 2011 Custom Graphic (donated by Retail Value $550

    WINNER: Pvt. First Class Gregory Smith

    2011 News Slice Giveaway Winner 

  • SOG Aegis and Mini-Vulcan folders (donated by SOG) Retail Value: $115 and $175, respectively

    WINNER Aegis: Dan Meyer
    WINNER Mini-Vulcan: Rick Bloomer