Model Letter to Boston Mayor Tom Menino

November 16, 2011: Please email and call Mayor Menino at and 617-635-4500 to express your opposition to this ordinance.

Dear Mayor Menino,

I am writing to ask you to VETO Docket #1366 An Ordinance Requiring The Licensing Of Certain Stores That Sell Certain Knives recently passed by the Boston City Council.

This ordinance should be vetoed for the following reasons:

  1. It violates the Massachusetts Constitution’s prohibition against ordinances, which are “inconsistent with state law”. This will only invite lawsuits.
  2. The ordinance will do nothing to prevent those intent on doing harm from getting weapons, including knives which are readily available from many sources, including every home.
  3. It is already illegal for anyone in Boston to sell a knife to a minor, (See: 16-39.1) Why not simply enforce the existing law on businesses that must already be licensed?
  4. The ordinance contemplates exempting certain stores, which violates the US Constitution’s equal protection clause.
  5. The ordinance excludes certain knives defined as “cutlery” which definition is extremely vague and unenforceable.
  6. Many other stores that sell knives, including stores which sell camping gear, fishing gear, etc., will not be exempt from the ordinance.

Thank you for taking the time to review this important matter.