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Industry Waiting for DA Vance’s Second Wave

Meanwhile, the knife industry awaits DA Vance’s “second wave” of prosecutions, this time against online retailers selling into New York City, which he threatened in his original press conference and press release. A number of online retailers have simply ceased shipping to New York City, and in some cases, to the entire state, clearly cowed by DA Vance’s threat. Others have been more selective, only stopping shipments of the locking one-hand openers and assisted openers that Vance appears to be targeting. Given the DA’s enormous resources and clear lack of ethics, we can understand that response, even while we find it tragic. For Vance, every one of those is a victory against your freedoms and rights that he clearly holds in contempt. With the summer vacation season winding down, we have every reason to believe that we won’t have to wait much longer for Vance to take his act on the road, so to speak.

We have received a number of emails and phone calls recently asking what we are doing about this revolting mess or why we haven’t done something already. Please do not assume that nothing has been happening regarding the NYC situation, just because we haven’t been saying much about it. The nature of the problem with DA Vance is a legal one, and one that is pretty complicated in some respects given the issues and tactics involved. As such, we cannot reveal much about what we are working on and our strategy as we would prefer. At this point there is little we can report to our membership and little we can ask of you to do other than imploring you to contribute as generously as you can.

Knife Rights is working hard to ensure that when Vance next tries to attack honest knife retailers, he will not catch us by surprise or defenseless. You can be assured that Knife Rights has been working closely with some of the nation’s foremost legal minds who are veterans of numerous other battles to protect the rights of law abiding citizens. Beyond that, I trust you can appreciate that we cannot say anything more at this time.

All this effort does take resources and we do need your continued support. Please help us stop this insanity. Make a Contribution to our fight against the DA’s assault on our pocket knives.


If you are a retailer or individual who finds yourself targeted for the sale or possession of so-called illegal knives (one-hand opening and assisted opening knives inappropriately claimed to be gravity knives or switchblades), we urge you to immediately contact Knife Rights at: email or call toll-free: 1-866-889-6268.

You have a constitutional right to seek help and counsel.

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