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WHEN YOU DONATE to Knife Rights

We have assembled an incredible array of prizes for this Ultimate Steel Benefit with over $75,000 in custom, limited edition and production knives, firearms and gear. Included are numerous custom knives valued at over $2,000, knives signed by Ted Nugent, The Gunny, Col. Oliver North, Wayne LaPierre and others, and some great guns with scopes and lasers.Every prize has been generously donated, so 100% of the proceeds supports Knife Rights’ legislative initiatives..

WINNERS CHOICE: The top 25 winners select their choice of the available prizes!


Every donation made prior to 5:00 PM CDT April 15, 2012 (close of the NRA Annual Meeting) is also eligible for our EARLY BIRD BONUS DRAWING with over $??,000 in knives and other prizes! DONATE EARLY!

Get ‘Em While They Last

Make a donation of $100 and receive FREE a Knife Rights Limited Edition Smith & Wesson Folder*, a $20 value, generously donated by Taylor Brands.

Knife Rights Limited Edition Smith & Wesson Folder

Make a donation of $200 and receive FREE a Knife Rights Limited Edition ESEE Izula Fixed Blade Knife*, a $82 value, generously donated by ESEE Knives.

ESEE Izula

Make a donation of $500 and receive a FREE Knife Rights Limited Edition Benchmade Emmissary Folder with AXIS® Assist*, a $205 value, generously donated by Benchmade Knife Company.

* While supplies last.

Please select a contribution amount from the list and click “DONATE” for your chance to WIN! Or, call Toll-Free 1-866-889-6268 to make your donation and be entered in the drawing. [All contributions $40 and over include an annual Knife Rights individual membership.]

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  Donation   Premium    

  $1   TEST TEST TEST    
  $20   1 Entry    
  $40   2 Entries    
  $60   4 Entries (1 FREE)    
  $80   6 Entries (2 FREE)    
  $100   9 Entries (4 FREE) + FREE S&W Knife!*    
  $200   22 Entries (12 FREE) + FREE ESEE Izula Knife!*
  $300   37 Entries (22 FREE) + FREE ESEE Izula Knife!*
  $400   60 Entries (40 FREE) + 2 FREE ESEE Izula Knives!*
  $500   90 Entries (65 FREE) + FREE $205 Benchmade Knife*
                                       * while supplies last

with Credit Card via Secure Checkout

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or, Call TOLL-FREE: 1-866-889-6268

Knife Rights, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) exempt organization.
Donations to Knife Rights, Inc. are not a deductible charitable
contribution because of its political and legislative advocacy.

Click for Eligibility and Rules

 Eligibility and Rules


Prize winners must be U.S. residents at least 18 years of age who have made one or more qualifying contribution of at least $20 each to Knife Rights, Inc. (“KR”) during the eligibility period. Winners of firearms or knives must not be prohibited from owning or possessing them under applicable laws.

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You can donate as often as you like, but each donation is separate and independent from previous donations and will only entitle you to the number of entries specified at the donation level you have selected at the time of each donation.

Winners need not be physically present at the drawing to win.

Firearms will not be shipped directly to winners, but rather to Federal Firearms Licensees (“FFLs”) specified by winners (or selected by KR, in KR’s sole discretion). Winners can only take possession of firearms from the FFLs. Automatic knives will not be shipped directly to winners, but rather to an authorized dealer in eligible winner’s state from which winner can claim prize.

Winners must comply with all applicable legal requirements prior to taking possession of firearms or knives. If for some reason winners cannot comply, prizes will be held for 30 days and then will be forfeited and returned to KR. Claim to prizes is not transferrable. Winners of firearms are responsible for shipping charges, transfer fees to FFLs and any other applicable fees and may be required to prepay such expenses by valid credit card or other method to be determined in KR’s sole discretion. All prizes other than firearms and automatic knives will be shipped at KR’s expense via a shipping method of KR’s choice, to the addresses provided by winners, insured for the publicized value. KR is not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen or undelivered prizes, and winners agree to look solely to insurance with regard to same. Risk of loss or damage is solely with winners.

Some prizes are subject to additional limitations that are included in prize description.

The odds of winning varies based on the number of entrants. Winners will be drawn on or after July 30, 2012. Early Bird winners will be drawn on or after 5:00 PM CDT, April 15, 2012. The first [25] winners drawn in both the Early Bird and main drawings will have first choice of prizes available after any prior winner(s) have selected, in the order in which such winners were drawn. Accordingly, the final announcement of winners may take up to 90 days.

KR will attempt to notify all winners using the contact information supplied. Any prize not claimed by a winner within 48 hours from KR’s first attempt to notify the winner will be forfeited and all other winners drawn will move up one place in priority.

All entries and donations are non-refundable and will become the sole property of KR once submitted. Acceptance of a prize constitutes winners’ permission for KR to use winner’s name and likeness for KR promotional purposes without additional consideration.

If payment of any donation is rejected, denied, returned for insufficient funds, or otherwise not made, and the responsible party does not subsequently make full payment plus processing fees of $25.00 that clears no later than 14 days prior to drawing, the entries related to that donation will be removed from the drawing.

Winners of “Early Bird” prizes are eligible for (and will be automatically entered in) the main drawing. Once an individual winner’s entry has been selected as a prize winner in the main drawing, that entry is removed from subsequent drawings. There is no cash substitution for any prizes.

Winners will be notified using the contact information supplied and informed how to claim prizes. Only those named as the entrant on a valid winning entry form are eligible to claim a prize, and such persons will be required to provide proof of identification acceptable to KR in KR’s sole discretion. KR shall not be liable for failure of notification arising from incorrect or illegible contact information supplied, or failure of entrants to respond to communications (or failure of KR to actually receive such responses) within 48 hours of KR’s first attempt to notify the winners. KR’ obligation is limited to making good faith efforts to notify winners. Once all winners are drawn and notified, names of winners will be made available at the Knife Rights web site:

All prize winners are subject to applicable drawing procedures, restrictions, rules, directives, applicable laws and regulations, and are solely responsible for all applicable taxes, fees, assessments and charges relating to the prizes.

Your participation in this fundraiser (including without limitation the act of submitting a donation and/or winning a prize) signifies and is conditioned upon your acknowledgement, agreement, covenant, representation and warranty to KR, based on good and valuable consideration, receipt of which you acknowledge, that (i) KR, its officers, directors, affiliates, professionals, personnel, representatives and members (collectively, “KR Affiliates”) shall have no liability whatsoever in connection with this fundraiser, the prizes (or their acceptance, possession, use, or misuse), or anything arising out of or relating thereto; (ii) you waive and release any and all claims you may now or ever have against KR Affiliates; and (iii) you will not make any claims against KR affiliates and shall be estopped from so doing.

KR makes no claim regarding the actual value of any prize and is not responsible for the accuracy of any estimates provided by prize donors or anyone else. KR does not guarantee the accuracy of the prize descriptions published. KR makes no warranty as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, suitability or condition of the prizes. Prizes donated by individuals may have been previously used.

Prizes subject to change without notice. Some prizes were not received by KR prior to the start of the fundraiser and KR is not responsible for the failure of any prize donor to fulfill the obligation to deliver the prize by the drawing date. If a winner chooses to accept a prize for future delivery, KR shall be deemed to have fulfilled its prize delivery obligation to that winner and KR shall not have further responsibility for prize delivery thereafter.

Knife Rights is a 501(c)(4) exempt organization. Donations to Knife Rights are not tax deductible charitable contributions. Check with your tax professional for additional information.

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