Richard Grant Receives Knife Rights 2013 Freedom’s Voice™ Award

“In the end, this article introduced tens of thousands of knife owners to Knife Rights and the issue of ridiculous knife laws and discrimination against knife owners. We saw a boost in both membership and media attention after the article ran,” concluded Ritter.

In prepared remarks, Grant said, “I’m glad to hear that my article cut through some of the misunderstanding and fear surrounding the issue of knife rights, and I also hope it made some people second-guess their assumptions about the inherent bias in the so-called liberal media.”

“I strive to be as independent and objective as possible, whether I’m writing for left-leaning Mother Jones, or the right-leaning Daily Telegraph. But I’m also a hunter, an outdoorsman, and an opener of packages. It may well be that I’m biased in favor of knives, and naturally skeptical of the idea that folding pocketknives are murder weapons to be banned in the name of public safety.”