S. E. Cupp Supports Knife Rights

Knife Rights is very pleased to welcome political commentator, author and columnist S.E. Cupp to our community. S.E first wrote on the subject of New York DA Cyrus Vance, Jr’s persecution of knife owners and retailers in a column back in July. She recently became a Knife Rights member and encourages others to join and support Knife Rights:

“A knife is more than just a utility tool. In a pinch, it can also serve as a defensive weapon, clearly protected by the Second Amendment. Disarming citizens never makes sense except to criminals who prey on those disarmed and politicians who cannot grasp the concept of freedom and liberty.”

“Whether in town or on a hunt, a knife earns its place at my side as an essential tool. I am a knife user and proud to be one.”

“Leave my knives alone! Knife Rights is standing up for our freedom. Join me in this fight; join Knife Rights today!

— S.E. Cupp