UPDATE: Texas Bans on Clubs (Tomahawks) and Knuckles Repealed!

Knife Rights supported HB 446, repealing the ban on carry of clubs (including tomahawks) and possession of knuckles (including trench knives and the like) has been signed by Texas Governor Abbot.  It will be effective on September 1, 2019.

NOTE: A Trench Knife with a blade over 5.5-inches will be considered a Location Restricted Knife and is banned from carry at some specific locations.

In 2013 Knife Rights’ repeal of Texas’ switchblade ban was enacted. In 2015 Knife Rights’ signature Knife Law Preemption was enacted, nullifying all local knife ordinances more restrictive than Texas state law, including two of the “10 Worst Anti-Knife Cities in America” at the time, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. In 2017 our bill removed all of the “illegal knives” in Texas law, finally allowing Texans the right to carry a Bowie knife, dagger and others in public.


Texas Bills Update – Email Gov. Abbott TODAY!

Knife Rights supported HB 446, repealing the ban on clubs (including tomahawks) and knuckles (including trench knives and the like), passed the legislature and was transmitted to Governor Abbot for action.

If you are a Texas resident, CLICK HERE to use Knife Rights’ Legislative Action Center to contact Governor Abbot and ask him to sign HB 446.

Knife Rights’ companion “Location-Restricted Knife” Law Reform bills, SB 2381 and HB 2342, didn’t make it out of the Calendars Committee in the House, which means they are dead for this session.

Unfortunately, despite having overwhelming support from members of the legislature and hundreds of emails from our supporters (thank you!), these bills met the same fate as many other pro-freedom bills this session in Texas. Once again Texas legislative leadership proves that Texas isn’t nearly as Texas as most people believe Texas to be.

We would like to thank our bill authors, Representative Harold Dutton, Representative John Frullo and Senator Bryan Hughes, for their efforts on our behalf. Senator Hughes worked hard to get SB 2381 successfully passed through the Senate, while Reps Dutton and Frullo worked tirelessly to get try to get it through the House. Both bills were passed out of committee in the house with only a single nay vote between them.  Rep. Dutton even attempted to amend the language from HB 2342/SB 2381 onto another bill late Monday night, but it was shot down over a technicality.

It really helps when you have bill Authors/Sponsors working as hard as these gentlemen did to try to get us over the finish line in Texas. We look forward to working with them in the future to complete what we started in Texas way back in 2013. Eventually we WILL get Texas to be what everyone thinks Texas is, at least in regards to knives.