UPDATE: Clock Runs Out on WA “Spring Blade” Knife Ban Repeal This Year

The Washington “Spring Blade” Ban Repeal bill, SB 5782, was up against the clock yesterday and the House failed to take it up for a vote before time ran out. The Washington legislature was tied up with a number of major issues as the deadline for action approached and our bill was one of many that simply wasn’t acted upon in time.

The good news is that the Washington legislature works on a two-year session and SB 5782 is still alive.

Knife Rights will continue to work closely with Senate Sponsor Hans Zeiger to make sure legislators are educated on the benefits of repealing Washington’s archaic ban on “spring blade” knives.

Knife Rights would like to thank Senator Zeiger and the co-sponsors of SB 5782, Mike Vellekamp of V Nives, our friends at the Washington ACLU and everyone who worked tirelessly to help get as far as we did this year.

As always, Knife Rights will be back to continue the fight.