UPDATE: Washington “Spring Blade” Ban Repeal Bill Passes Out of Committee

The Washington “Spring Blade” Ban Repeal bill, SB 5782, was voted out of the Senate Committee on Law & Justice by a unanimous vote.  SB 5782 would repeal the ban on sales and civilian possession of “spring blade” knives, as well as specifically exclude them from the definition of “dangerous weapon.”

Thanks to all of you who emailed the members of the Committee in support of this bill. Your contacts make a difference!

Another critical element in moving the bill out of committee with a unanimous vote was Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs Todd Rathner’s testimony on Monday about the important Criminal Justice Reform aspects of this bill. He pointed out to the Committee that a disproportionate number of minorities are the targets of law enforcement for simply carrying a pocket knife.

As we have in other states, Knife Rights was successful in securing support for the bill from the Washington Chapter of the ACLU, which was another element in securing this unanimous vote.

Knife Rights will let you know as soon as it is appropriate to engage your Senators to support SB 5782.