What SCOTUS Decision in McDonald v. Chicago Means for Knife Owners

The court made it very clear that the decision does not eradicate all laws restricting firearms in particular, or by implication, all arms, including knives, in general. What is reasonable and what is not will be decided over the next few years by court cases challenging the inevitable tidal wave of restrictive regulations that will be implemented by those who remain opposed to freedom and self-defense. Some of those cases will inevitably end up back at the Supreme Court. A single swing vote on the Supreme Court could wipe away these gains and could essentially gut the Second Amendment, individual right and incorporated as it now is. Think about that when you vote for your Senators and President.

With this decision we are better armed for the fight for our knife rights, but it does not settle many of the real issues regarding knife sale, ownership, purchase and carry that we deal with daily. It will still be a hard slog through the legislature and the courts to determine what is reasonable and what is not.

We will take a moment to savor the victory, celebrate the success and then it’s back to work. New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. couldn’t care less about this decision, he will continue his assault on perfectly legal knives, innocent retailers and law-abiding knife owners in New York regardless. The battle continues.

You can read the complete decision here: