Missouri Switchblade Ban Repeal Signed Into Law

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on Monday signed SB489, repealing the ban on possession, sale and manufacture of switchblade knives in Missouri as long as it is not “in violation of federal law.” In practical terms all that means is that you cannot do so in interstate commerce or on Indian reservations or elsewhere that federal regulations may prevent such activities.

Knife Rights worked closely with the National Rifle Association to include this important legislation in a CCW reform bill. We appreciate the NRA as a strong partner in our second front in defense of the Second Amendment™.

The enactment of this bill is another example of our aggressive and effective legislative agenda protecting and enhancing your knife rights. It is only with your generous support that we can continue the fight This is a great time to make a donation to Knife Rights because you could win some of over $63,000 in exciting prizes in our Ultimate Steel™ Spectacular.