NH Preemption Bill Senate Hearing Set – WRITE NOW!

Modify the Model Email below to make it personal or if you are not a resident and explain why it impacts you. Always be polite and keep it short to maximize effectiveness.

Model Letter:

Dear Senator XXXXXXXXX,

I am writing to ask you to vote “Ought to Pass” on HB 544, New Hampshire’s knife law preemption bill. As a law abiding knife owner I want to be able to travel around our state without having to worry about different knife laws in every city, town or county I enter. Please help New Hampshire become the third state to pass this sensible legislation and vote “ought to pass” on HB 544. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Rep. Coffey’s bill simply adds “and knives” in three places to the existing New Hampshire firearms preemption law. Click to read HB 544.

This bill is among the first of a number of legislative initiatives that Knife Rights is working on for this year. Please make a contribution to the Second Frontâ„¢ Legislative Campaign which supports our National Knife Law Preemption Campaign and other legislative initiatives to decriminalize knife possession and rationalize restrictive knife laws.