West Virginia Knife Law Preemption Bill Passed House Judiciary Committee

West Virginia SB 96 that would expand the state’s firearms preemption statute to include “deadly weapons,” including knives, was passed by the House Judiciary Committee with a minor amendment that does not affect the Knife Law Preemption aspect of the bill. It now awaits a floor vote of the full House. SB 96 was previously passed by the Senate 30-2. We will let you know when it is time to contact House Members on this bill. … Continued... Read More

California Appeals Court Throws Out Misguided Switchblade Ruling

Dec. 3, 2012: In a victory for law-abiding knife owners, the California Court of Appeals last week reversed a lower court's absurd expansive ruling that a knife that could be "wrist-flicked" open was a "switchblade." The lower court made the faulty ruling despite an explicit provision in California law that distinguishes and protects one-hand opening and assisted-opening knives with a bias towards closure and despite prior Appellate Court rulings upholding that exception. These common folding knives represent over 80% of the U.S. market and the legislature clearly wanted them to be legal when they clarified the original switchblade law.: Click on "Read More>>>>" for additional details and a link to the judge's well-written opinion.... Read More