Brief Filed Opposing Rehearing En Banc to Overturn Ruling that HI’s Butterfly Knife Ban is Unconstitutional

While we were at BLADE Show West last week, attorneys for the Appellants filed their response brief opposing Hawaii’s petition to the Ninth Circuit for a rehearing En Banc in an attempt to overturn the recent 3-0 panel decision in Teter v. Lopez that Hawaii’s ban on Butterfly Knives is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.

Click to read the Appellants’ Response to Defendants’ Petition for Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc.

Attorneys Beck and Stamboulieh did a very thorough job dismantling the State’s intellectually dishonest reasoning for requesting a rehearing. They also managed to torch the anti-Second Amendment AGs’ amicus brief.

As explained in our original post, this was a huge win not just for owners of Butterfly Knives in Hawaii, but for all pro-Second Amendment supporters. Knife Rights filed an important amicus (friend of the court) brief in support of the appellants in that case.

This response brief clearly lays out all the many, many reasons that the Ninth should not grant rehearing. Cased closed! Except it isn’t. As we noted in an earlier post, it would be a shock if the en banc petition was not granted. Thus, we will join with our friends and file an amicus brief opposing the reversal of the three-judge panel decision once the rehearing en banc process starts up to ensure that on an appeal, all the necessary issues have been raised and refuted.

If you want to read about just how anti-2A the Ninth Circuit is, read this article: Ninth Circuit Puts its Finger on the Scale to Delay, Derail California Magazine Ban Challenge. We don’t expect anything different from the en banc court in this case. Nevertheless, we will continue to do what is necessary to try to ensure these lower courts abide by the explicit directions of the United States Supreme Court in Bruen.

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