Louisiana CCW Bill Including Most Knives Takes Effect

Louisiana HB 124, providing for the concealed carry of any “instrumentality customarily used or intended for use as a dangerous weapon” as long as the carrier has a concealed handgun permit, takes effect on today, August 1, 2021. This includes knives, except, unfortunately, switchblades.

In 2018 Knife Rights was able repeal Louisiana’s complete ban on switchblades,but in order to get it passed we had to compromise by including the restriction that the knife not be “intentionally concealed on one’s person.” Unfortunately, HB 124 does NOT remove that specific restriction. Intentional concealed carry of a switchblade (automatic knife) remains illegal in Louisiana, even for concealed handgun permitees.

While requiring a CCW to carry a knife concealed is not optimal, we supported this effort as an incremental improvement in Louisiana law. Our ultimate commonsense goal is always to remove any restrictions to carry of any knife by law-abiding persons, period.

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