New Jersey Assembly Committee Amends Bill that Targeted Knife Owners

Conforming their bill with the already amended Senate version, the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee has amended A4769 that originally targeted knife (and other tool and sports equipment) carriers with felony level offenses. The amended bill removes the prohibition on “weapons” (which included knives) in an expansive list of “sensitive places” from the bill (click for original alert for full details). This is a huge victory for knife owners in the state.

Knife Rights would like to thank Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs Executive Director, and good friend of Knife Rights, Scott Bach, for his assistance in getting this language removed from these bills. All knife owners in New Jersey owe him thanks.

Unfortunately, both bills will now move forward with patently unconstitutional restrictions on firearms carry, but at least knife, tool and sports equipment owners are safe from being treated as potential “felons” for simply carrying an otherwise legal item.