Sharper Future Legal Fund

The Knife Rights Foundation Sharper Future Legal Fund™ will be used to pursue litigation in support of knife owner civil rights, initially aimed at stopping New York County (Manhattan) District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr’s illegitimate assault on one-hand opening and assisted opening knives in New York City.

Knife Rights Foundation salutes these industry leaders who have stood up to protect the civil rights of their customers. We urge you to support those who support you.

Major Donors to the Knife Rights Foundation Sharper Future Legal Fund™ are listed below. Each donor has made a commitment to the Fund in the amount shown, including a substantial initial payment at a minimum. Donors who have paid the entire amount of their contribution are noted with an asterisk.

Platinum ($30,000, minimum $10,000 down)

Silver ($15,000, $5,000 minimum down)

Titanium ($7,500, minimum $2,500 down)

Bronze ($5,000, minimum $1,650 down)

Additional major donors have chosen to remain anonymous (does NOT include any Knife Manufacturers).

Funds raised as of August, 2011)

If you are interested in supporting the Knife Rights Foundation Sharper Future Legal Fund™ as a major donor, please download the Donor Contribution/Pledge Agreement.

Knife Rights Foundation, Inc., is an Arizona non-profit corporation with IRS Form 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Contributions to the Knife Rights Sharper Future™ Legal Fund are tax-deductible.

We hope every knife owner, every knife retailer, every knife distributor and every knife manufacturer will give their share for the common good, to protect our way of life.

Please help us stop this insanity. Make a Contribution to our fight against the DA’s assault on our pocket knives.

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