Colorado Springs Repeals Switchblade & Gravity Knife Ban

Colorado Springs recently repealed their local ban on switchblades and gravity knives. Click here to read the ordinance that was passed. Knife Rights would like to congratulate our good friend Air Force Master Sgt. (Ret) John Bloodgood for this notable accomplishment.

When Knife Rights was able to help repeal Colorado’s ban on switchblades and gravity knives last year, that bill did not include preemption which would have nullified all local bans. It is an effort for another day.

As you may recall, Sgt. Bloodgood was critical to that bill’s success and we acknowledged that in a ceremony last year where we presented him an award. However, that wasn’t enough for this fine gentleman. He wasn’t going to wait for preemption and took it upon himself to work to get Colorado Springs’ ban repealed. Especially so without preemption, convincing a local jurisdiction to repeal existing bans on knives no longer banned at the state level is good for all.

Even with preemption, it is good to get these laws off the books because it just confuses honest folks who may not know that the laws are no longer enforceable.

NOTE that Colorado Springs retains its prohibition of the concealed carry of a knife with a blade longer than 3.5 inches.

Knife Rights’ record of 28 bills repealing knife bans at the state and local levels in 20 states in the past 8 years is unrivaled. With your support, Knife Rights is rewriting knife law in America™.

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